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Captain’s Log – May 29, 2015

By May 31, 2015 Captain's Log
Bridge 2.29.15 copy

Oh what is this next to the view screen?

Even on a day when you would think there isn’t a lot of  work, the bridge continues to be built, and Diana, Terry and I continue to work on the infrastructure of Axanar Productions and Ares Studios.

Last night was the last night I was part of Sci Fest LA, the Los Angeles One Act Play Festival.  I was playing a small part in the “Sci Fest Radio Theater”, which was an old school radio play performed as a play.  Lots of fun and I got to perform with Gary Graham again, as well as Pat Tallman (Star Trek, Babylon 5), Armin Shimmerman (DS9) and Eddic McClintock (Warehouse 13).  Diana came to support me as always, and we had a blast.  Axanar web designer Aaron Harvey was staff photographer also.

During the day today I got a few more tweaks to the script done at the suggestion of Bill Hunt, who has been helping with the script.  They are really good tweaks Bill suggested that not only make the script better, but also helped eliminate two sets!  That means savings of thousands of dollars and lots of time.  Then Diana and I headed to Orange County for a concert.  Needless to say, much business got done on our 90 minute car ride.

Meanwhile in Valencia, Dean and his ever expanding team was getting more done on the bridge. copy

Diana and I at Sci Fest L.A.

With Eddie McClintock of “Warehouse 13” on the set of “Sci-Fest Radio Theater”

Axanar web designer Aaron Harvey with Armin Shimmerman after “Sci-Fest Radio Theater”

I hope you all have a good weekend!


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  • That door!!! That door!!! Could it finally be???? After almost 50 years…does a starship bridge at long last have a…gasp!…bathroom????

    Finally…a place for log entries, paperwork, number one (and number two!), passing the ol’ Kobayashi Maru, dumping the warp core, and venting plasma! We can now see the true head of Starfleet, the other center seat, the throne behind the power, the comfort station on the other side of the environmental station (coincidence?), the place to boldly go!

    Okay, I’ll stop now…

    • Christopher Butcher says:

      @Jonathan Lane “…log entries…” Did you have to “go” there?! 😉

  • James Lytle says:

    Conference Room?

  • KellyJ says:

    And since she is newly built it truly is the place No Man Has Gone Before.

  • Christopher Butcher says:

    @Jonathan Lane “…log entries…” Did you have to “go” there?! 😉

  • Dave says:

    Hmmmm. one Transporter Pad would fit nicely into that niss 😉

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