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Captain’s Log – May 25th, 2017

By May 26, 2017 Captain's Log

Friday, May 25th, 2017

So people still ask what we are doing with Axanar.  I realize not everyone keeps up with our progress and so we get messages like “Are you still doing this?” And of course the answer is YES!  Axanar is still alive, though of course, not as a feature film.  Our settlement in the CBS/Paramount lawsuit states we can make two 15 minute episodes.  And that is what we are doing.

Now some people are upset we can’t make a feature film.  Well, you know, so are we!  Because we all know it would have been epic.  (Even CBS I think!)  So now we are back in pre-production, but things are quite different now as the format has changed.  Because of the time limitation, we are making two more episodes of The Four Years War, the faux-documentary series.  So we basically have 30 minutes…50% more time than we did with Prelude, to tell the story of the Battle of Axanar and the Peace Mission.

But let’s face it, we hit a home run with Prelude to Axanar and we think the next two episodes can be equally great.  Bill Hunt and I are working on the script now.  And when we are done, we will budget it and start fundraising through our donor email list.  We won’t need much money this time since we arent trying to make a feature film.  And since we don’t have a studio to worry about, 100% of the money we raise we can spend on the film.  We also will be shooting it like Prelude to Axanar and that means green screen.  We will shoot it in LA and we also think we can film it in three days. (We shot Prelude in 2 days and this film is 50% longer!).

So those are the basics.  Thank you all for your support and your patience. When we are done, we hope to have a trilogy of Axanar films that you all will love.



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  • Ed says:

    As always, I think Axanar has been doing a great job, and I wish the team the best.


  • Jeff says:

    CBS can go jump off a cliff some where for all I care… This Discovery still looks horrid and I hope that toxic spill ends as soon as it begins. CBS is killing Star trek.

  • Gareth Smith says:

    Will those of us who donated at the DVD/Bluray level be getting 2 discs, one episode per disc or a single disc with both episodes?

  • Robert Clark says:

    I have to ask since i donated for a DVD of the movie. Will i get a DVD with the 3 parts on it?

  • RonaldDHearn says:

    Tyvm Alec good luck and God speed 🙂 Thanks

  • Rick Newton says:

    Alec/Diana (I don’t want to cross post if possible…)

    Perhaps a silly question…

    For those that donated when this was to be a full-length fan-based feature film (say that 3 times fast!), and have perks associated with the donation towards items that are associated with a full-length edition of Axanar, how will the change to two fifteen-minute segments affect these perks?

    For instance, with two segments will there need to be two downloads for each segment for those that purchased the digital download of the film; or, will there be a single continuous “segment” for download when the segments are complete? Not a problem either way, just curious…

    Making an assumption here, but a high probability one I think: The patches for the “Fourth Fleet,” Sonya & Sam’s Ship Patches will still be used in the production and as such will become available to those that added these as their perks.

    Similarly, I assume that the script & illustrated script (for the two segments), three Klingon Campaign Posters, and Dave Dorman Digital Poster will also be available at the same time as the download of the film segments.

    If I’ve made an error, or an invalid assumption, please correct me. If I have followed the discussions thus far, I believe that the above are still scheduled to come available as ready and as described once the segments are completed, or there about.


    • Alec Peters says:


      Not sure how we will distribute the 2 15 minute segments. We may release them separately and thus the downloads would be separate.

      Yes on patches.

      And yes on the rest as well.


  • Mike Hovsomething says:

    Prelude to Axanar feels more like the Star Trek universe than the last four shows. Blown away by the production value and the backstory. CBS screwed the pooch by limiting your movie vision. They’ve convinced me not to subscribe to their CBS on demand service to watch Discovery. Attacking you and your ambitions will cost them monetarily I guarantee it. Thus, negatively impacting their bottom line and deservedly so.

    Good luck can’t wait to see the next two episodes.

  • joe says:

    I love it when some corporation decides to impose limits, people tend to look very closely at the verbage and then think of what can be made, a “thorn in the side” that fully complies with their “guidelines”. If it was me, I’d look closely at the last show of St. Elsewhere, the episode that revealed the entire series was in the mind of an austistic indindividual, or start searching for parodies.

    When a company decides to make “guidelines”, the “guidelines” need to be tested.

    • Alec Peters says:

      Well, I think parodies and commentary are both very viable alternatives!

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