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Captain’s Log – May 22nd, 2017

By May 22, 2017 Captain's Log

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

It has been almost a month since my last Capatin’s log, and that is because so much has happened and there have been so many changes (all good).  The last donors update covered much of what was going on, but I want to make sure you all know about everything that is happening!  So here is an update on what is going on.


I am currently working on the script for the two 15 minute episodes permitted under our settlement agreement with CBS/Paramount.  We are on track to have the first draft done by the end of the month, and I am meeting with Bill Hunt, my co-writer, next week.

I have already met with the make-up and VFX teams that will be involved in making episodes IV and V of The Four Years War, which along with Prelude to Axanar (Which was episode III) will make an epic Star Trek trilogy you all will love.


Finishing Axanar and delivering all the perks to our backers is our top priority moving forward.  The production company that we set up to produce Axanar – Axanar Productions – is focused solely on these two goals.

Once this has been accomplished, Axanar Productions will close down, having finished its mission.  Any other work Rob, Diana or I do will be outside the purview of Axanar Productions.

The bridge set, rebuilt in its new home in Atlanta, Georgia.


Because we had to find a new home for the sets built for the Axanar feature film when we vacated Industry Studios, the sets have been transferred to a new company, Rocketworx, which is the lessor of the new studio space in Lawrenceville.  Rocketworx is a production company focused on making great genre content and will preserve the sets built for Axanar and make them available for any fan film or film production that wants to use them.  Typically a production would destroy its sets after use, but Rocketworx will be taking care of the sets built for the Axanar feature film, finishing them, and allowing other fan films to use them.  Rocketworx is all about making great science fiction content.


One of the big changes we are making, in order to keep Axanar alive and thriving into the future, is to turn over as much of it as we can to fans.  This includes the running of the Axanar Fan Group on Facebook, which has been turned over to a group of fans now running that group.

Fans are developing comic books, doing animation art and more, all celebrating Axanar.  We love it, and are eternally grateful for all of your support.  You all are what is keeping the Star Trek we know and love alive and well.

Maybe at some point CBS will realize that Axanar is a huge asset to their franchise.  There are a lot of fans who see Axanar giving them the Star Trek they want in a way that the modern incarnations of the franchise are not giving them.  The fact that the reaction to the Star Trek Discovery trailer was so mixed is a symptom of this.  Fans want the Star Trek they know and love.  And while Star Trek may need to change for commercial reasons (I was one of the most vocal supporters of this), it doesn’t mean it needs to abandon its fans.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have classic Star Trek exists alongside of nu-Trek?  It’s called the Multiverse.


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  • I am not Herbert says:

    …if it keeps looking like it does, i will not be watching discovery (looks like kurtzman nu-trekked it up) =(

    …i’ll be patiently waiting for REAL Star Trek 😉

    …and watching orville =P

  • Jason says:

    I love the Axanar introduction documentary style video, It was amazing and truly captured the imagination. The fact that CBS could not see that means they only care about the $$$$ at the end of the day and they will fail long term because of that. Now, I had made a post on FB and had hoped you guys would see it, but not sure you did. My suggestion is that you complete the realization of Axanar, by creating small trailers for the upcoming 15 min segments. The trailers could be used to give more character back-story while promoting the 15 min segments. That way the two 15min segments can give us the meat of the story you wanted to tell and everybody will already know important plot details from the short trailers. I believe that would not break any rules. : ) ~ LLAP

  • John Willis says:

    Oh you so “totally” have give details on that fantastic Comic artwork. Who is the artist? Are they going to be doing an animated fan film or anthology? .. and I’m not a subscriber or fan film production team.. but will Rocketworx consider something like “fan tour” weeks or maybe a film school “bootcamp” for those who refuse to “grow up?” .. its only a thought, but it might make a great Summer or Winter destination for fans on vacation. I have to think the partnering of experienced “industry” people taking time out to help with a fan film.. or even being possibly accessible to “fans” while they’re there to discuss lighting, foley artisty, lens or digital photography and video .. even post production would be awesome. So many of those people don’t even realize they have “fans” of their own.. lol.. what if someone with a big name like James Cameron or JJ Abrams showed up? – to me its a lot like a bucket list item, or a fantasy island experience.. Disneyland for Trekkies.

    I’m also thinking there must be some local conventions in the area.. for people who would like to co-ordinate a “visit” does Rocketworx have a web page we might be able to see?

    • Alec Peters says:


      Mark Payton is the artist, and no plans for a anmiated film, he just likes doing the art!

      Yes, Axacon is alive and well and will be at OWC Studios. So plan on a grand weekend for that. Also working on film school bootcamp.

      Axanar will have a special party at OWC studios during Dragon Con!

      • John Willis says:

        Thanks for the info!

        Crushed to think that artwork isn’t just the beginning to a new Animated set of stories, or way of telling stories.

        Mark Payton is a very good artist.

        Does Dragon Con have events like Phaser Tag?

        Geo Tag in the Convention Halls might also be interesting.

        The DS9 documentatry “reassembled” most of the series writing team to block out “The Next Season”.. it would be really instructive.. if not fun.. if that could happen in a Convention or Studio setting.. with an audience.

        I doubt it would be as good as a Friends or Will and Grace reunion… but to go through the writing process, or pitch around ideas for what episodes I and II might have been would be interesting. Its a con so a panel is one way of doing that, but when I was in high school.. way back when.. we had overhead projectors and blackboards and various students had to deliver researched articles or proposals for conducting lab work in chem class or biology.. from a curated list of ideas. — the projector would be setup in the center of the room, the desks and chairs encircling it in an Arc so everyone could see the screen. Today we have much better A/V and real “computers”.. to help with all that.. gawds we have Powerpoint now (Fire of the gods!.. or their wrath.. hehe). I would think an “inner circle” surrounding by outer circles concentrically backing away.. would fit the bill.

  • Brad says:

    Please fill in the blanks for me, Alec….
    I missed something. If Prelude is epIII, and the two 15min segments are IV and V, what do I and II consist of? Feel like I missed “something” but no clue as to what….

    • Alec Peters says:

      Well, we never made episodes I and II as Prelude was supposed to be a one shot and we just called it Episode III. Now we will make episodes III and IV. It is my hope to get another film maker to pick up the banner and run with episodes I & II. 🙂

  • Neal says:

    Star Trek : TOS was my introduction to science fiction and I will always have a spot in my heart for it. Now that CBS is limiting fan films, I’m not sure that Star Trek will survive much longer. It’s too bad that Gene wasn’t still around. I feel that he would have fought CBS alongside you. Axanar is more in line with his vision of Star Trek than anything else that is in production or has been released on film in the past 7 years. Just my opinion. I’m glad to see that the sets will be able to be used for other fan projects. That leaves a glimmer of hope for the future.

  • A fan says:

    Where are episodes 1 & 2 located? I’ve only found Prelude to Anaxar.

    A fan

  • Howard Decker says:

    “Fans want the Star Trek they know and love.” I have about 750 episodes, several hundred books, and several hundred comics of the Star Trek I know and love. I want Discovery because I want something new and fresh.

    • Alec Peters says:

      I think a lot of fans want BOTH, which was my point.

      • Howard Decker says:

        They want something that’s different and the same? Voyager and Enterprise tried to do that, and never got the balance right. Voyager ignored its own premise most of the time and gave us TNG redux. Enterprise was just a mess. Discovery has me excited about Star Trek again, just like Star Trek Beyond did after the flaming bag of poop that was Into Darkness.

  • Dale Dayley says:

    In the past, Paramount has actually endorse fan efforts. I refer to New Voyages 1 and 2 from the 70’s and the Strange New Voyages anthologies. These were not seen as a threat to “real” Star Trek, but were published as an example of what fans who loved the series could do. The same could be done with the fan production, celebrating the devotion and professionalism of the fans instead of treating the fans as a liability.

  • Jose says:

    Your ship,

    The Ares, was stolen by those Discoversomethingorother folks. It’s disgusting.

    • Howard Decker says:

      No, it wasn’t, it’s a typical Starfleet ship design, and no, it isn’t disgusting.

  • J robinson says:

    Would love to see a new animated star trek series any fan film animaters out there? it could be cool either done nostalgic like the original animated series or like the animation style of star wars rebels. who else agrees?

    • John Willis says:

      I definitely agree!

      The thing is, how would fans go about creating an animated presentation?

      I wouldn’t even know where to begin with software, or artistry.

      There are obbviously very talented people doing vast works of art.. its frankly intimadating. But some forms of animation are more mundane. Just like some Comics are “Epic” and worthy of a Museum.. and some are better at just reaching the fans.. in vast numbers.

      I recall when they did the animated adventures of Back to the Future, they would have bookend scenes of the Live actors on various sets setting up the story.. or discussing an outro.. or followup. So it went “live” a couple minutes, then animated story, then “live” a couple minutes. Kind of breaks “the animated wall” but it was still real cool.

  • Tom says:

    It’s great that you’ve been able to make lemonade out of lemons. I know I’m not alone in wishing that we could have seen what the full feature might have looked like, but…onward.

    For those of us who dabble in fan fiction, is there a writers’ bible you’ve maintained during production? Even if it’s not something that’s formal, I think it would be helpful.

  • Axanar Rules says:

    Maybe at some point CBS will realize that Axanar is a huge asset to their franchise.

    I agree with this 100%

  • Vulcan's View says:

    Comparing Axanar to CBS is similar as real to counterfeit. Axanar will not die! There will be episodes 4 and 1 and 2. Plus many more. Gene Roddenberry’s vision of no wars, no poverty and no diseases is more than lore. Peace is the only way to stabilize everything, to make what we build up to remain. All the money in the galaxy won’t change that. Truly, live long and peaceful.

  • Rubén Pla i Reche says:

    Viendo el cortometraje y leyendo las noticias sobre su montaje final desde España. Para mi gusto, el mejor esfuerzo en Star Trek desde hace años. Aquí también hay aficionados ansiosos por el resultado final. Animo, Axanar, animo Alec.


    • Alec Peters says:


      Watching the short film and reading the news about its final assembly from Spain. For my taste, the best effort on Star Trek for years. Here too there are fans eager for the final result. Cheers, Axanar, I encourage Alec.


      (Muchas gracias!)

  • G.D. Warner says:

    I just watched this one:


    … and my main takeaway from that video is that “Star Trek Discovery” is going to be based on J.J. Abram’s universe.

    I’m not a lawyer — nor do I play one on TV — but if that is the case, CBS is *NOT* giving us what they said they were — a new “Star Trek” series, taking place in the original universe. Doesn’t that make their demands on fan films pretty much null and void?

    Either way, I think it’s definitely something you should talk over with your attorneys — just in case.

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