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Captain’s Log – May 2, 2015

By May 3, 2015 Captain's Log

Kickstarter-logoYesterday Diana and I met with one of the people in charge of the film category for Kickstarter in San Francisco.  He was there for the San Francisco International Film Festival.  Over an hour and a half we discussed the success of Axanar, (which he and Kickstarter are most impressed with!) how we have managed to handle the huge number of donors (queue Diana and her fulfillment expertise) and the next Kickstarter, which we will be launching in the next 6 weeks or so.   Kickstarter is backing us as they really think we have done a great job and so the Kickstarter for the Axanar production budget will be our best yet.

Diana and I are working on the perks for the new Kickstarter now, and we want your feedback!  So jump on the Axanar fan Group on Facebook and chime in on the thread there!

The Production Kickstarter will start  in June.   The last Kickstarter last July/August was for the studio, studio retrofit, sets and pre-production.  Basically, it allowed us to set up Ares Studios so we can then make Axanar and future Star Trek projects.   This coming Kickstarter will be for the production budget of Axanar, which will be between $500-900,000. Meaning we can do it for $ 500,000, but really need $ 900,000. The budget is still being worked on though by Mike Demeritt, our line producer who worked on Star Trek for 11 years (all through Voyager and Enterprise).


Meanwhile in Arkansas, Lee Quessenberry is an Axanar super-fan.  He started Axanar Arkansas and this weekend he set up an Axanar booth at Art Pop Comic Expo in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Stay tuned for a full blog post from Lee and Mary Anne Monday on Lee’s adventures spreading the word!

Meanwhile, we want your feedback on the bridge concept we posted on the Axanar Facebook page.  It seems that everyone loves it but we want your opinion!

Thanks for your support!!

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  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Great update! Lee Quessenberry has certainly shown what can be done on the local level by a dedicated fan! Good job! 🙂

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