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Captain’s Log – May 19, 2015

By May 20, 2015 Captain's Log

Kickstarter-logoFirst and foremost, the next Kickstarter, which will cover the production costs of Axanar, will start July 8th, the first day of San Diego Comic Con.  Last year’s Kickstarter was all about setting up Ares Studio, building sets and Pre-production.  That money has been put to good use.  I will be putting out a complete budget and “annual report” for the last year, which will cover both the Prelude and the Axanar Kickstarters.

The Bridge Build continues!



There is now an album on the Axanar Facebook page with all bridge build photos.  So you can see the progress.

In the morning I was on Trekyards again to discuss the Korolev class.  Stay tuned to Trekyards for all you Starship junkies.

Afternoon was acting class with Richard Hatch.  I haven’t been in class in 4 months as I was studying with my other coach, Ted Brunetti.  Back to Richard’s class, which is always a hoot.  It is a really amazing environment and I have never felt self conscious on stage there as we have such a supportive class.

And at night it was Richard Hatch’s birthday party at Casa Vega, a famous Mexican restaurant.  Richard turns a ripe old 70 years old!  But you would never know it.  Richard looks like he is in his 50’s because he eats right and works out.  We are so honored to not only have Richard in Axanar, but to have him in our life.


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  • Happy Birthday, Richard! 70?????? I can’t believe it!!!!

    P.S. – I knew you were gonna launch the next Kickstarter at SDCC….I just knew it! June? Ha! I should’ve put money on it!!! But July is an excellent move on your part, Alec. I’ll start spreading the word to STARFLEET if this is now a locked date.

  • Pongo says:

    Keep up the great work! Too soon to start counting sleeps to the kickstarter launch?

    Start spreading the word folks! Show people Prelude, get em pumped and let’s help make this kickstarter massive!

  • Sarah C says:

    All of the above is AWESOME!

    Especially all things great on July 8. Which is also my birthday! 🙂 Rock on!


  • Jared says:

    July 8th eh? Schweet! Methinks I’ll actually have some money squared away by then, so I’ll be able to donate and help. Huzzah!

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