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Captain’s Log – May 15, 2015

By May 16, 2015 Captain's Log

Art Dept. 5.15.15

Today was a busy day. I got a one hour training session at “The Writer’s Store” (which caters to the Hollywood script writing crowd) on using Final Draft, which is the program for writing a screenplay most writers use.  While I have been using it for 4 years, we are now at the point where revisions become important to use correctly.  And so I got some one-on-one help on how to use Final Draft best  for revisions.  It was well worth the $ 79 for the session.

After that it was off to see Production Designer John Iacovelli.  He brought art director Jerry Sonnenberg to the meeting.  With Christian gone, we just needed to shift around some work, but everything went incredibly smoothly.  John even introduced us to one of his brilliant students who is going to start storyboarding some VFX shots.

John is incredibly practical and focuses on getting the job done with what you have at hand, one reason line producer Mike DeMeritt is high on John.  John isn’t demanding a huge budget, he looks at what we have and then finds a path to a great solution.  This is why he was so successful on Babylon 5.


Meanwhile the bridge now has 6 stations done.


The backs, where the electronics will go.

And go see Mad Max: Fury Road!  We all saw it last night and it was AWESOME.  It will blow you away.


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