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Captain’s Log – May 1, 2015

By May 1, 2015 March 29th, 2016 Captain's Log

Ares DIgital

Today was a big day.  First, Terry launched Ares Digital, the new digital download platform for Axanar.  This is very cool because donors can now get all their digital perks in one place.  Read all about it here.  In fact, once we have the perks from the first Axanar Kickstarter (or the upcoming one) you will be able to get them on Ares Digital too.  The system knows who you are and makes sure you have access to the perks you donated for.  Needless to say, this is pretty unique in the world of Kickstarters.

Diana and I drove up to San Jose (6 hours from LA) where we met with two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming Associate Producers (The $ 10,000 level in our Kickstarter) and who want to help promote Axanar through some interesting marketing ideas (We even talked about how cool it would be to have a screening of Prelude at Google).  We had some very interesting ideas bounce around that could be very positive for Axanar and Ares Studios.

Tomorrow we meet with the head of Film for Kickstarter.  They love Axanar and want to promote us as one of their featured Kickstarters.  This is huge.

Oh and here is the Prelude to Axanar Soundtrack CD graphic!  It goes to press next week for all Prelude donors!


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  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Fantastic news and a wonderful release for Axanar Digital! Congrats all around. Go TEAM AXANAR!

  • Steve Dixon says:

    Looks like Axanar and Ares Studios have a bright and rewarding future! All good news indeed!

  • Steve Pryce says:

    Great news guys, keep up the good work.

  • John Klander says:

    I see starlight at the end of the tunnel. Wonderful what you are all doing. It’s exciting even more than star wars.

  • Jerry says:

    That sounds very promising. I have my fingers crossed.

  • It is cool to see how far we have gone on this production. Also the Soundtrack disc cover looks sweet. can’t wait to have the full soundtrack to listen to.

  • Duane Bruner says:

    All of this is wonderful news. Congratulations to such a well organized and talented team.

  • Jason Robinson says:

    This is great! Out of curiosity, was there any significance behind the main photo of the ship beinh from the rear vantage point? Most promotional shots for the ST series and movies are of the ship facing the camera or somewhat off center. I’ve seen this photo several times but it just now occurred to me that there is some subtle message about it.

    • Jason Robinson says:

      (That there *might* be some subtle message about it)

      • Ron Gamble says:

        Hey Jason, There rare many shot of the Ares in the production art from multiple vantage points. You’re just seeing one aspect of the complete packaging here. I wouldn’t read too far into it 🙂

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