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Captain’s Log – March 5th, 2016

By March 10, 2016 Captain's Log

Grieves 1

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

Today was Klingon Costume day.  OK, not really, but our amazing Wardrobe Designer Kate Bergh and I met with Michael Lugin, who is casting all of the Klingon boot pieces.

Rather than spending a lot of money on big leather boots, (Star Trek spent about $ 1,500 per pair on theirs for TNG) we are using molded pieces to apply on top of a basic pair of boots.  And they looked great.


The first version. Long side piece.

Grieves 2

Second version. Short side piece.


Kate and Mike with the Klingon boot pieces.

There are two more pieces for each boot, but we have to save something for later!


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  • Brian Heite says:

    Alec, you folks illustrate one of the catchy terms of manufacturing: Lean. Lean is a system that uses careful planning, point of activity observations and close connections between suppliers and customers, to produce a product for the least costs with a minimum of waste. This is how projects like this can be done for a “ridiculous low cost” that mainstream media will tell you “impossible”. I think it also hearkens back to what Richard Hatch was espousing at the Comic Con board where he talked about how you can make a very expensive looking movie for a lot less than current people will tell you. Great example of how you folks are thinking this through, and using “not so common sense”!

  • Hey now! …that latest version is looking really GOOD! =)

    …the refinement of the sculpt on the greave is progressing excellently!

    …however, i’m thinking the ankle covers will probly limit motion, and dig into the side of the foot =(
    [the side pieces] should probly just be eliminated, by cutting the bottom level all the way around, right above the ankle, no?

    the knee cap is looking good! …but the vertical striations clash slightly with the chevrons of the greave …maybe a different, or no texture here? maybe a shape that looks more like armor , like it’s made for bashing enemies?

    the color / surface texture of the latest version looks really good! just the right blackness and reflectivity! …maybe there is room to add a *little bit* of warrior race ornamentation with smooth/shiny surface (like the chevrons on the arm braces)?

    Keep up the *great work*, Mike and Kate! (i like her smile) =P

    (…can’t wait to see the foot horns!) =D

  • Jason Moon says:

    Will the full boot “suit-up” cover up shoelaces? I heard/read somewhere that most sci-fi costumes are undone by the boots(I think it was a bonus feature on the costumes for “Alien”). Anyway, it looks cool!

  • Paul says:

    Those “shin guards” look good and closer to things an actual soldier would use [see current forces/SWAT gear] where a damaged piece could be removed and replaced easily or an injury could be easily treated. As for shiny embellishments you would not want those on armour. The only shiny stuff on it should be the blood of the enemy dead. Keplah!

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