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Captain’s Log – March 3rd, 2016

By March 4, 2016 Captain's Log


Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Yesterday I came up to Coos Bay, Oregon to spend 2 days with my friend John Muenchrath.  Doc John as we all know him, McCoy in Star Trek New Voyages, is a real doctor here in Oregon.  He is also one of the coolest and funniest guys I know.  It was a nice break and we of course talked Star Trek a good deal.


John Muenchrath (aka John Kelly) as Dr. McCoy in Star Trek: New Voyages

I am getting a lot of work done during the day since Doc has to work.  It is amazing how many emails I get every day that need answering.  Catching up on these Captain’s logs as well.


Also, here is a great article on the lawsuit by Axanar fan and artist Alexander Richardson.


Alec Peters

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  • Alexander Richardson: “… Paramount look to have dropped the ball. They’ll have taken polls, seen the negative reactions to the trailer on social media and will undoubtedly be fearing they have a flop on their hands. I think they do. And I am far from being alone in that determination.”

    “If he had a grave, I’m sure Gene Roddenberry would be spinning in it.”

    FULL AGREEMENT! Paramount FEARS Axanar!

    …and bad robot have sent there paid shilling trolls to rabble-rouse the haters! =(

    nu-trek sucks, and RIGHTLY DESERVES to *FLOP* like the big steaming pile it is! =P

    • Joshua Chandler says:

      I disagree with the assertion that “nu trek sucks”, but I support. Does continuing the mudslinging help, Herbert?

      • Joshua Chandler says:

        I support Axanar, that shouldn’t mean I have to hate the current series of Trek films

        • Alec Peters says:

          Absolutely not! We like all Trek.

          • Joshua Chandler says:

            Right? I like having more than one genre of Trek.

          • Mike Raven says:

            I agree that you don’t have to hate the nu trek.

            I do not like the nu trek for MY OWN opinions though, but that is my personal opinion and i won;t force it on anyone else.

            If you like it, please enjoy it.

      • …nu-trek = crappy & crappier =(

        …the Beyond trailer is a flop-tastic face-palmer! LOL!

        ONLY a blind brand-loyalist would buy this shyte! WAKE UP!

        • Scott says:

          Saying things like is no better then the Axanar haters.

          Star Trek is like a playground that Gene lovingly created for all of us enjoy. None of us have the right to tell someone how they should or should not enjoy it and there need not only be one “true” Trek.

          • …please don’t put words in my mouth? thanks =P

            enjoy what you will, but don’t tell me i can’t have a TRUTHFUL and VALID negative opinion =P

            Axanar is “hated-on” because it represents everything that is good and right about Star Trek…

            I (and i’m not alone) hate nu-trek because it is the OPPOSITE of everything good and right about Star Trek…

            i’d wager that most Axanerds feel the Bern, and the haters (nu-trek fans) are Trump-tards! =P

            …but don’t get me started, ok? 😉

  • brian 333 says:

    See, here’s the thing: Axanar is not competition to nu-Trek. That’s what everyone seems to be missing. Axanar is being produced to satisfy Trekkers’ desire for good original stories that have something to say about the human condition and which give us a hopeful look at a future in which mankind evolves into something better than we are now. Nu-Trek is being produced for the action-adventure audience which wants only as much story as is needed to justify the stunts and explosions.

    This is where Berman-Bragga Trek missed the boat as well; they made the Federation appear no better than we are today. Well, any Trekker knows our world sucks sometimes, but TOS and early TNG gave us hope that things can get better. The nu-Trek universe does not.

    So, for what its worth, I say go see nu-Trek and enjoy it for what it is. It only makes productions like Axanar shine all the brighter.

  • Alec,

    Once Axanar is complete, how about a series expanding on the collateral damage to the people suffering the most during the Four Years War? There would be a lot of newly homeless people learning how to survive in the rubble of the streets, or the wilderness of the planets attacked during the war. Lots of character studies there, lots of stories, lots of unsung heroes. For some background on the possibilities here, spend some time with the homeless in your area and learn how they deal with it, because that will be the spine of the stories for the series.

  • Dennis Castello says:

    If what Richardson writes is true, and Paramount fears that Axanar will somehow negatively impact their box office receipts for Star Trek Beyond, the best solution on the part of Paramount would be, not to sue, but rather to request that Axanar not be released until a few months after STB comes out. Problem solved.

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