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Captain’s Log – March 25th, 2017

By March 27, 2017 Captain's Log

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

One of the important things we have been talking about is what to do, and how to preserve, the Axanar sets.  And while we are talking about that internally, I thought I would post some photos from the Axanar Archive of our bridge set. These sets were amazing, and the bridge especially, is both similar and yet different than a TOS bridge.  It is clearly Star Trek TOS inspired, but has some important, and well thought out, differences.

The Bridge under construction

The Bridge under construction

Partial Bridge prepped for a photo shoot

The Captain’s Chair, not finished yet!

The Turbo Lift

Bridge under construction

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  • Fred Trafton says:

    Were? Was? Past tense? Will we not see the completed sets in the two 15-minute films? Are they going to be torn down? Now that would be a shame. I was gonna donate $5000 to the new Indiegogo campaign just so I could have use of them for my own Axanar-universe fan film. (Just kidding, but only barely).

    • Alec Peters says:

      We haven’t made a decision on what to do yet!! So stay tune,d but the sets won’t be destroyed.

      • Chase says:

        Not for nothing, but that tongue in cheek comment may have had something to it. If the fan film world is exploding as much as we all say it is, there might be a future in it. Imagine how many more fan films could be created if they didn’t have to build a set. You could literally tailor to a market of people who want to do this, as a clearinghouse of sorts. You already have almost everything they would need. And let’s be honest, with the new fan film fundraising restrictions, set designs are going to pay the price. SO, of course they’d all come to you to “rent” a set of that high quality.

  • Amil S. Boddie-Willis says:

    Seeing more this entire ship in the actual film would be ABSOLUTE Heaven – Sadly, that’ll never happen I guess – Every time that thought occurs to me, I can help but get mad all over again at CBS – So UTTERLY sad… *smdh* / :/

  • Rick Newton says:

    It is indeed a great disappointment that these sets will not see their time in the limelight. But, if you think it is disappointing for those of us that are “only donors” (like that is a ‘thing’), I cannot imagine the additional disappointment that must be weighing on those that put time and muscle into actually creating them (physically).

    One can only hold out hope that somewhere down the line these beautifully crafted sets get seen — perhaps by other fan-film makers, or “our team.”

    It is indeed a sad moment when the thought of what has been lost due to the law suit, and does bring back some resentment on how CBS/Paramount went about the whole process. Though I sincerely doubt it, one can hope that CBS/Paramount learned something — something they forgot from nearly 50 years ago — about how to treat fans of Star Trek. The fans are not just sheep, we have a love of Star Trek that really is separate from what company owns the property; it is for the ideals it represents. Ideals we all so desperately need (more so in today’s ever fracturing world!).

    • Alec Peters says:

      CBS has learned nothing, but maybe that they should be mindful of how they go about enforcing their IP. Being proactive, coming up with guidelines when they could have, during the years I kept asking for them, would have saved them the $1 million + they spent on the lawsuit. Of course a phone call, or even a Cease & Desist letter, would have saved them that million dollars.

      As to the sets, we aren’t going to let them be destroyed. 🙂


      • Sam says:

        Million Dollars to CBS means Squat. You were and are competition and that’s as plain as it gets. A million dollars to squash the competition is
        I’m sure in their eyes well worth it.

        • Sam says:

          I’m in with the idea… Create your own Universe… with your talent and the talents of the crew you have their, We fans will follow…..:)

  • Nathan says:

    What have I missed here? Are these sets not going to be used?

  • FlightDreamz says:

    Quote Alex Peters,”As to the sets, we aren’t going to let them be destroyed.” Very pleased the hear that! And I like Fred Trafton’s idea of crowd sourcing a preservation fund (as long as the set isn’t destroyed). The set looks amazing by the way. Maybe you could rent it out to other Star Trek fan’s/film creators? Curious about the “subtle differences” of this bridge vs the NCC-1701 (Scotty: N-C-C-1-7-0-1. No bloody A – B – C – or D! Star Trek: The Next Generation “Relics” R.I.P. James Doohan). Guess they’ll be more details to come in a future blog post? Looking forward to it

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