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Captain’s Log – March 16th, 2016

By March 19, 2016 Captain's Log

Justin Lin Tweet

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Well, two days ago, on Monday, Star Trek: Beyond director Justin Lin tweeted his support of Axanar.  It was shocking.  Here was the director of Paramount’s new Star Trek movie, (the movie being arguably the reason Axanar is being sued by Paramount) tweeting that the guys signing his paycheck were being “ridiculous”!

We were blown away.  And EVERYONE picked this up it seemed.  Cynics said it was a publicity stunt.  Fans cheered.  And Rob and I were simply stunned.  We are both HUGE Justin Lin fans because of his Fast and the Furious movies (3-6).  We were both excited to see him take over the STar Trek movie franchise and the disappointing Into Darkness.

What does it mean?  We don’t know.  But we thank Mr. Lin for his support and reminding us all that the fans make Star Trek what it is.

Justin Lin FB Post

We all plan on being there when Star Trek Beyond opens.  Thank you Mr. Lin!

Alec Peters

Executive Producer

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  • …it’s a nice little platitude from Justin Lin, but i for one, will most definitely *NOT* be going to see “beyond”, or renting it.

    nu-trek sucks, and if it’s possible, this one is looking to suck the worst (worse than “into darkness”???)

    cbs (and even paramount) seem like they would otherwise be cool… i think this is driven by that fr***ulent pl***arist boborci, who is holding the bag for producing this one…

    i think he’s (rightly) scared sh*tless that it will flop, and he will lose his investment… so, he’s pushing hard, hollywood mafia (BR) style, from behind the scenes to kill competition / dissension…

  • scott says:

    finally a voice of reason… more needs to be said obviously but Axanar has something the films have neglected…in 21 minutes you have a gripping narrative that is both compelling and complex. you bond to the characters and their reactions and emotions…

  • Agoston Pechy-Miko says:

    You must do everything that is possible to prevent Axanar being sued. Even if you have to scream at them! I love the idea and I support it, eventhough I can’t donate, sorry about that. But still, it is a good project and I don’t want to see it ‘go to hell’.So, You must do everything that is possible!

    My name is Agoston Pechy-Miko, huge Star Trek fan, 14 years old.

    P.S. I love Axanar.

  • Alan says:

    Seriously, Paramount needs to give it a rest. Alec, give them a call and offer $100 for use of the trademark/copyright. If they accept, they can show defense of their property without alienating fans.

  • EJ Jackson says:

    I’ve been a fan of original Star Trek from the get-go (well, since it was first shown in the UK) and I don’t really get the negativity of some folk towards nu-Trek. I’m a great believer in IDIC (Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combinations) and I think there is room for ALL the versions of Star Trek . I enjoyed the new movies, will see each new one as it comes out, and think Axanar deserves to be made and should be made. As someone else said, Axanar’s release won’t affect the ‘official’ franchise one jot, if it looks good, people will pay to see it. Fans will have their favourites, certainly, but the general cinema-going public doesn’t care what’s official and what’s fan-made, as long as it entertains and production values are good. The only people benefiting from this ongoing legal nonsense are the lawyers… it was the same in Dickens’ time. Nothing much changes there, then…. I reckon Gene Roddenberry would be turning in his grave at all this nonsense….

  • daryl says:

    Its just weird and a serious conflict of interest on his part. I am all for Axanar by the way, just taking this new wit ha grain of salt. Does Justin Lin even know what he is doing or whats going on with this.

  • jd says:

    Paramoot and See B.S. are spitting in the face of millions of Star Trek fans. I say we should start a public boycott their rubbish movie!

    • Mike Bawden, PR Director says:


      While we appreciate your support and understand your frustration, the official stance of Axanar Productions with regard to fan boycotts is that we’re against them. There are two reasons for this: first off, we want to see as much Star Trek out there as possible. Not every “flavor” appeals to every fan – we get that – but if more Trek fans are created because of a new Trek movie, that’s okay by us.

      Secondly, we have to be on record showing our respect for the owners of the Star Trek intellectual property. Antagonizing CBS and Paramount at this point in time can only work against us as we try to find a way to work things out with them and produce the story our fans support and have asked us to make for them.

      Thanks for your understanding and support.



      • Mike,

        …while i’m sure that we understand your (Axanar’s) need to make nice w/ the claimants,

        i hope that you will not expect us (Axanerds) to do the same; and start censoring our dissent…?

        it’s bad robot, jj, boborci, et al who don’t respect the IP… we’re just tellin’ it like it is… (nu-trek sucks)

        • Mike Bawden, PR Director says:

          Understand your point of view and I appreciate the fact you understand ours.

          I’m not about to censor dissent, just want to keep things as even-tempered as possible and make sure folks are accurate in their statements and civil in their opinions.

          After all, this is supposed to be fun, isn’t it?



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