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Captain’s Log – March 13, 2015

By March 13, 2015 April 2nd, 2015 Captain's Log

The loading dock is covered and the stage floor is marching forward. A lot of progress in this massive undertaking.

Today Rob Burnett and I recorded our new Axanar Production Log videocast. This will be a weekly video, about 15 minutes long, where you catch up on what is happening at Ares studios and the Axanar production.

Blu Ray production continues and is going faster now that Rob Burnett is full time in the edit bay at Ares studios. Tommy Kraft, our compositing superstar is finishing a couple tweaks to less than perfect composites, we have all the corrected graphics (such as misspelled words in Klingon!) and so the digital download will be available by month’s end.


Also, we are expecting the new patches in soon! We will start mailing the new patches probably when they come in, as the bulk of the Kickstarter awards we won’t even have till after the movie is done (Blu-ray, scripts, signed cast photos etc.) and so we will look to combine the perks of the two main Axanar Kickstarters to save money (We could save $ 30,000 this way). But we will get the patches out to everyone ASAP as I know we all love them!

Thomas Marrone will soon have a design for the next VETERAN patch as well. Which we will preview when we have it. The Cygnus campaign!

OK, off for a long walk and a healthy brunch! LLAP


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