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Captain’s Log – June 13, 2015

By June 14, 2015 Captain's Log


While this Captain’s Log is in many way superfluous (you should read all 3 of the main blog posts on the First Day of Production), I wanted to use the log today to discuss what is was like from my perspective.

Green Screen

Now, if I do my job as Executive Producer, I shouldn’t have much to do during the shoot.  I had a very efficient Line producer in April Eden, and my Propworx partner Jarrod Hunt handling all the major errands.  Director Rob Burnett and DP Milton Santiago had been working their butts off to prepare for this one day shoot and knew every single thing they needed to do in detail.  They had pre-viz of the VFX that would be dropped in, shot lists of what they needed, and a story reel.  We had a great crew of about 30 and 5 Production Assistants including my good friends Bill Hunt and acting class partner Curtis Webster.  Make Up was being handled by the talented Mike Spatola and his team.  And Diana was managing the books, and keeping everything running smoothly in the office.

First Ladies

The goddesses of the set, Diana Kingsbury and April Eden.

My job came down to on-set costumer, which I gladly tackled.  After all, I had supplied half of the costume pieces, and been working on this aspect of the shoot for a few weeks with our awesome friend Kurt Cox.  Then, Diana came through with some important pieces yesterday.  It was fun making sure the costumes looked perfect and everyone was blown away by how good they looked.  Rob was especially happy.  And what was great was he never once worried about the status of the costumes through pre-production, because he knew it was one of the things I do well.

I also had to make sure the costumes were always the same on the actors, necklaces and robes and such always had to look the same way for continuity purposes.  So I had photographs in my iPhone for easy reference.  I actually had a lot of fun doing it and everyone thought the costumes looked great!

As far as how the shoot went?  Well, from the EP’s standpoint it went very well, and Consulting Producer Charlie de Lauzirika said Rob “crushed it” and we all felt like the shoot went very well.  We even ended early!  So, we were all happy and we went out to celebrate with the team.

Oh, and here is a sneak peek of what you will all see July 8th…




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  • Reece Watkins says:

    Professional planning and execution lead to the excellence of the product. Good show, Alec!

  • Michael Hall says:

    While I understand that the shot above is likely just a pre-viz, my hope is that AXANAR doesn’t do a “J.J.” and give that “unnamed alien planet” an earth-like blue sky!

  • Stephen Herbert says:

    Through some sweet magic common in the skies,
    The rosy banners are with saffron tinct;
    The saffron grows to gold, the gold is fire,
    And led by silence more majestical
    Than clash of conquering arms, He comes! He comes!
    He holds His spear benignant, sceptrewise,
    And strikes out flame from the adoring hills.
    [Sunrise on Mansfield Mountain, by Alice Brown]

  • John says:

    Will it looks like it was a pace of cake!!! GOOD Union Labor is all ways the way to go!!!

  • Danny Louwsma says:

    I have to keep telling myself that the CGI is CGI and not real world, the artwork is that good. Great work, and just as important, have fun!

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