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Captain’s Log – June 11, 2015

By June 13, 2015 Captain's Log


Brendon Goodyear sent us another of his great USS Ares/TOS mashups, this time with the Ares visiting Elba II!  And if that doesn’t mean anything, shame on you!

Soundtrack CD 1

The big news was the CD soundtrack finally arrived!  Boxes and boxes of these beauties.  Diana will start shipping these babies out Sunday to all Prelude Donors!

Some of you don’t know that I am a huge collector of screen used Star Trek props and costumes.  And the pride of my collection?  Steve Inhat’s original Garth of Izar costume!

And of course we are working our butts off on this weekend’s shoot!


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  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Best of luck on the shoot today and with the remaining pre-production! LLAP!

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