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Captain’s Log – June 1, 2015

By June 2, 2015 Captain's Log


Monday, June 1st, 2015

Today was a day off as I took my two godsons down to see my family in Clearwater, FL.  It is a two hour drive from where the boys (whose 9th birthday it was today – they are fraternal twins) live in Orlando.

So VERY little to report today.

OK, nothing!  Move along…..


P.S.  Well, there is this……..

Comm 5.29.15

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  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Glad to see you’re getting some away time. Maybe if Gene had spent some time away he would have been with us longer.

  • Tanya Loser says:

    Geeze if I had know you were in town ( or that close) I would have said Stop by .. lol

  • Ed Bailey says:

    Also a very nice rendering from Tobias of the Marklin class destroyer. Ares is a nice ship, too, but I look forward to seeing Captain Garth commanding USS Xenophon.

  • Captain Keith M. Sedor says:

    Absolutely BRILLIANT! I LOVE the ship! So is that particular Marklin-class destroyer, the Xenophon?

    Love the communicator design, as well! A perfect placement between ENT & TOS communicators, and a very intuitive modernization of the one used by Pike (and Kirk in ‘WNMHGB’).

  • Jason spriggs says:

    Wow, me too! I live in Clearwater. Could have shown you our production office steampunk renovation I did a couple of years ago. I know you of all people would have appreciated the set construction on a budget…
    But I’m sure you were quite busy enough:)
    See you at Comicon though…


  • Jason spriggs says:

    …we’re right by the airport, too.

  • Davis Grayson says:

    what a beautiful ship!
    Enjoy shore leave! 🙂

  • Enjoy your time with your godsons and hope they have a happy birthday!

  • Robert flatters says:

    It’s great to see the bridge coming along I did notice that there wasn’t a second turbo lift which I saw in the concept video

  • Robert flatters says:

    Forgot to mention love the ship design of the marklan class destroyer

  • …yeah, no i don’t really like the Marklin or the Curry =P …just not good designs IMHO (kinda cool tho…)

    …however, Tobias does EXCELLENT WORK =) can’t wait to see AXANAR!!! =P

    …the Communicator is looking better! =) (…i left more comments in the previous Capn’s Log)

  • …oh yeah, also perhaps add a DNA / fingerprint sensor to the Communicator? …thx 😉

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