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Captain’s Log – July 9th, 2015

By July 10, 2015 Captain's Log

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Thursday, July 9th, 2015  –  Comic Con Day Two

What a day!  First, we wake up to $ 120,000 in the first 20 hours.  Thank you all!  Then it was off to breakfast with Director/Producer Charlie de Lauzirika, Set photographer Mary Anne Butler and my co-writer Bill Hunt and his wife Sarah.  I take some time to get cold medicine and Zicam, as two days of almost no sleep has run me into the ground!

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Rob and Richard at Richard’s BSG panel

Then it is the 10:30 BSG panel with Richard Hatch.  We were supposed to premier the first scene clip there, but just as it gets through the intro, the Blu Ray fails!  Well, I guess the clip was meant to be premiered at the 1:00 Digital Bits Blu Ray panel and it does!

IMG_7771 copy

Hosted by Digital Bits editor and Axanar co-writer Bill Hunt, the panel featured Axanar Director Rob Burnett, Producer Charles de Lauzirika and Blu Ray Producer Cliff Stephenson, along with me.  The first part of the panel was about the Blu-ray industry (which I didn’t say a word in, what do I know?) and the rest of the panel was about Axanar.  This time the Blu-ray played and the fans loved the scene!  Lots of Axanar fans were in attendance as well as Horace Grant, Axanar Associate Producer and Film Festival Director.  Horace lives in San Francisco, so we don’t get to see him often, but he does amazing work.

After that it is off to bed for a couple hours to get some much needed rest!  I woke up feeling a bit better and Diana and I headed off to the NASA Mars Panel, which featured The Martian author Andy Weir, who just happens to be a big Axanar fan!

Then it was off to the Con Man/Vimeo/Entertainment Weekly/Indiegogo party, which was on the top of the Hard Rock Cafe and had about 50 people total!  Diana (looking wonderful as always) and I walked in to be greeted by Adam Nimoy who we helped with his Kickstarter last month.  He is a charming man and we will be advising him and  his team on fulfillment for their project.


Diana and me with Indiegogo superstar Marc Hofstater

Tricia Helfer, Michael Trucco, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk were all at the party.  And we got to hang with our Indiegogo account manager Marc Hofstater, who was really engaged to help ensure our success.  We met a bunch of the Indiegogo team and they are all fired up about our project.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dean is beginning the lower consoles.  You have never seen these before!

IMG_7772 copy

Its 1:30 and I am going to sleep so I can get up early to launch this Indiegogo for the public!


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  • Brendon says:

    So much awesome.

  • Jeffrey Hurt says:

    Greetings Alec and the Axanar team.

    I’m not sure where to post this so this looks like as likely a place as any…

    Like so many others last year, I became aware of Axanar thanks to the promotion that it received from Uncle George in the waning days of the Kickstarter campaign. I never would have know about it otherwise. At the time I donated what I could, and this time around I dove in for quite a bit more, and also intend to buy fleet vessel models through the donor store at some point (awesome by the way!).

    I am wondering if you and the PR team have been reaching out to past Star Trek cast members, or others in the nerd community, trying to get them to post blurbs to their twitter or Facebook accounts as George had done. Self described nerds like Wil Wheaton (@wilw), Felica Day (@felicaday) (so jealous you got to meet her btw… I would have fanboyed on her too), Chris Hardwick (@nerdist), Matt Mira (@mattMira). etc., all have huge followings and if they were willing, could really give the production a big leg up on introducing it to more people on the internets. All of them are at Comic-Con right now too.

    And as an avid listener of the Nerdist Podcast, it would be incredible to hear Richard, or Gary, or yourself on it for an hour talking about the project and the future of Star Trek.

    Is Rod Roddenberry able/willing to pitch for you too, or are his CBS connections to much of a conflict?

    I’m sure this is all this you’ve considered or tried to pursue, but as an avid Axananerd, I want as many people as possible to know about this, and to donate as well! Anyway, enjoy Comic-Con (wish I was there) and all the best to you in the Indiegogo campaign and through the production of Axanar! I cant wait for the full feature release, and to see what else will come out of Ares studios over the years!


  • Troy says:


    Had the chance to donate to the cause this morning. It’s an honor to be a part of so many fans and dedicated people who want Axanar to succeed. I saw the scene that was premiered and I was very impressed. If this is a taste of what we’re gonna see…the folks in Hollywood should start shakin’ in their boots, because that was awesome.

    Axanar supporter to the end!

  • John says:

    Man, Mr. Peters PLS get some rest in the next few weeks we need you at your very best!!!!! Ms. Diana make him sleep some more PLS, AND THANX FOR ALL THIS !!!!!!!!

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