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Captain’s Log – Jan. 23rd -26th, 2016

By January 28, 2016 February 3rd, 2016 Captain's Log

Ensign Boomer reviews our legal situation

Not a lot new has happened the past few days (at least that I can write about), though the offices continued to be worked on and Curtis is working on making the studio the best it can be.  So I thought it would be a good time to post a Q&A as a lot of people have been asking questions. (I started by answering a few on Facebook, but here are some more too)

Q:  Have you formerly responded to the lawsuit?

A:  Paramount/CBS lawyers granted us a 30 day extension. So we are working towards that due date of Feb. 22nd with our new attorneys at Winston & Strawn.

Q:  What can you tell us about the lawsuit?

A:  Well, there is a lot we cannot talk about.  I can’t tell you anything about strategy or how Winston & Strawn plans to defend the lawsuit as we haven’t filed an answer yet.

Q:  When are you planning to share more with your fans about the lawsuit?

A:  We will share information as we can give it here and on the website. Of course there is much we cannot discuss as we are involved in a lawsuit!  But we will keep everyone as informed as possible.

Q:  For people wanting to support the production, are you still accepting pledges?

A:  While we closed the Indiegogo campaign, we are accepting donations through our retroactive donor packages for Prelude to Axanar since that campaign we can guarantee delivery of perks for!


Q:  Given the the current challenges, can supporters who’ve already paid still expect to receive their ‘perks’?

A:  Absolutely. Even if this was to go to trial and CBS were to win and shut us down, we will figure our replacements for the Axanar Blu Rays, and everything else we will get to our donors! We already have plans for bonus perks for everyone if that were to happen.  In addition, Diana is working to get out the patches from the Axanar Kickstarter very soon, so you will begin to see some of those delivered soon.

Q:  Have you stopped production?

A:  Yes, at least for the time being.  We have been discussing with the attorneys what is the best course of action.  In the mean time, pre-production continues and at worst, if we stop production, we will have everything ready to roll cameras when the suit is settled.

Stay tuned to the Axanar Fan Group for more info!

Alec Peters

Executive Producer

Join the discussion 19 Comments

  • Brian Heite says:

    Alec, thank you for taking the time to update us. Everyone needs to realize that lawsuits are incredibly long, drawn out affairs where there is as much strategy as well as staying power. Hopefully this can be done in a short time but folks need to realize just all the restrictions it involves and just let the information that can be released, be released when you and your counsel decide. Hang in there, we are all with you folks!

  • EJ Cox says:

    Hang tough Alec….We are with you ….

  • Marcus Coull says:

    I still stand with Axanar!!

  • Kurt Hugger says:

    When are you going to do another podcast?

  • Stephen Cole says:

    This is like a chess match, which brings to mind this line… “Aye, sir. Queen to queen’s level three.”

  • Carl says:

    Have faith Alec,

    I have seen this sort of strategy many times in the business world. Goliath attacks David to force David to use up a lot of their budget to defend themselves. (Even when you win you lose because of the waste of capital….frustrating for sure) Good example would be in the Energy Drink world where the clear leader of the market sues, for what ever reason they can, any new potential entrants/competition with what they perceive as a risk to their market-share. They sue the smaller company to make the smaller company burn through their capital on legal fees vs. production and marketing. A shameful practice, in my opinion.

    Personally I think it would be great if you could mediate with Paramount/CBS to move forward with Axanar under their banner…coming to a fair arrangement for all. Use the power that Paramount/CBS has for distribution and the quality and low cost production that Axanar has in place to produce an excellent product, with only moderate content review and approvals from Paramount/CBS. Turn it into a part of the 50 year celebration.

    First and foremost the Fans of the Star Trek universe win, Axanar wins and Paramount/CBS wins. Paramount/CBS would realize an enormous profit and ROI….and good-will….which would be many, many times greater than the cost of their legal action and the bad taste that fans would have and remember towards them. (I’m sure you folks already thought of this…(but I wanted to get my two slips of gold-pressed latinum in).

    Keep up the fight and continue with your excellent work!

  • Herb Flynn says:

    er, where are the funds to pay for the lawsuit coming from and will there be a legal defense fund set up for donation from your loyal fans?

    • Alec Peters says:

      Winston & Strawn, our law firm, is representing us pro-bono. We will probably have an Axanar Legal Defense Fund Kickstarter in the near future.

      • Fred Trafton says:

        I’ve been hoping that would happen. I’ll certainly donate!

      • Brian Heite says:

        Just a thought, but considering the costs of Kickstarter and Indiegogo type operations would it better to go with a Go Fund me? Do they allow such things. I have never seen their rules, but I have supported some organizations that had good causes.

  • Leo Valdes says:

    I stand with Boomer. And since Boomer stands with Axanar, I stand with Axanar too.

  • Fran perello says:


    I’ll be donating to a defence Kickstarter for sure….not sure what perks would be appropriate….
    Transcript of case
    Seat at the courthouse
    A seat on the jury (joke)….
    Frankly, a win is the only perk….though sticking a credit in the subsequent Axanar movie for defence donors would be nice….and when you do win, the stretch goal can be to use leftover funds to make a dramatisation of the events you are living through….what a great courtroom drama that would be!

    Logic prevail

  • Marvin says:

    Why doesn’t CBS/Paramount do themselves a favor and just produce Axanar.

    It will save them time, money and maybe, goodness forbid, enrich the fan base a little.

  • Howard Decker says:

    Formally, not formerly.

  • Tristan says:

    Sir, I am so sorry this is happening. The “Prelude” video was amazing. I mean I thought it was the best Star Trek I’ve seen…ever. All my best wishes are going towards you and your crew. Peace and long life.

  • froet says:

    The needs of the many ( the fans) outweigh the needs of the few (paramount).
    I don’t believe that Gene Roddenberry would be happy with the way paramout is abusing the right of is “creation”.
    It was a a story created in his mind to tell to the people.
    For many years now the series have ended and all Paramount has done with their so called “rights” is a remake of the story and of the 2nd movie (re writing the story of Khan). with their latest 2 trek films.
    seeing a quote of mr Roddenberry made me even get more upset with the bigtime money industry.
    Sure the need to make money too and I am not against that.
    But now things get serious at the way you guys and girls at Axanar are re candeling the show with a good story and not messing with the timeline of the legacy of Gene Roddenberry they start sending layers
    I found a quote, perhaps you could use.

    “It is important to the typical ‘Star Trek’ fan that there is a tomorrow. They pretty much share the ‘Star Trek’ philosophies about life: the fact that it is wrong to interfere in the evolvement of other peoples, that to be different is not necessarily to be wrong or ugly.

    Gene Roddenberry.

    I rest my case and wish you all the luck and hope there is justice in this universe. there is room enough so it seems there for öthers”

    just a dutch guy.

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