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Captain’s Log – Jan. 22nd, 2016

By January 23, 2016 Captain's Log small

Friday, Jan. 22, 2016

While I took today off as I am going to be working all weekend, Curtis and his team were finishing off the offices and more importantly, the lighting grid!  Everyone is super-excited as this will allow us to leave the green screen lighting up, which saves time and money.  Plus we got the appropriate lighting incredibly cheap.  Any set can be be set up under the roughly 35% of the sound stage that are under the grid.

And hope you all enjoy a little scene from Axanar!

Axanar VFX


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  • [drool] …yes, more please! =P

    (Tobias does a GREAT job!) =)

  • EJ Cox says:

    I can’t wait till you get inquiries to rent it.

  • Brian Heite says:

    It is the close attention to cost, utilization, capability and design that is setting you folks way above the others. This adventure definitely means you must have to write a book all about your adventures that can document this as well as serve as a guidebook for how to really make a movie.

  • Michael Miyabara-McCaskey says:

    I’m imagining a zillion Source Fours. And and equal amount of zillions of hours to test recordings to get them all to nice clean chroma cuts.

    Love it!

  • John Carter says:

    Oh boy a new scene!

    Oh, it’s just 1 frame.

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Awesome! Fantastic design where any interior or “exterior” can be filmed with proper lighting.
    This is why #IStandWithAxanar!

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