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Captain’s Log – Jan. 13th, 2016

By January 16, 2016 Captain's Log

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

The Federation Costumes are coming along nicely.  Costume Designer Kate Bergh picked some spectacular fabric, and redid our prototypes after the ones from our garment manufacturer weren’t up to snuff.  The new ones are much closer. copy

Diana models the second female prototype.

Now above Diana models a size medium, which if you know how tiny Diana is, is way too big!  But we lost our fit model and I just wanted to check out how the tunic was looking overall.  So we pinned it back and just took a look at the basic shape and style.  The fabric drapes well.  Sleeves were too long and the tunic is too long itself, looking for like a dress than a tunic, but these are all easy fixes and the actual tunics will all be fitted to each actor.

ARES uniform Diana

Diana in the 2014 prototype which used TOS velour.

The original female prototype used TOS velour, which neither stretches nor breathes.  We are using a stretch double knit that is really fantastic.  But the cut here is very close to what we want.  The female version is worn with leggings and flat boots (no heels…we are at war!). copy

Way too tight, but fabric works well.

The men’s tunic was way too small on my size large frame.  But again, this is a test, so we can work with that.  It was probably a medium and even then the arms were too tight.  For both the men and women we need a compression shirt black mock turtleneck undershirt.  So you get an idea of the basic look.

Well, thanks to Kate Bergh and her crack seamstresses and costume team!

Alec Peters

Executive Producer

Join the discussion 4 Comments

  • Scott Parkinson says:

    I love those uniforms! I wish I could get one

  • Jason Moon says:

    According to the “These are the Voyages” book series, the original series discontinued using velour because it shrank every single time they washed it. What steps are being taken to mitigate this(it’s something ludicrously simple like “Machine Wash Warm” or something, but I digress…)? Is this even an issue?

    Also, there was a Kickstarter campaign by the the supplier of the fabric for the TOS third season a MASSIVE while back. Was there ever any consideration for buying from them?

  • Eman Zaman says:

    I bet you chose the smaller size just to show off your abs!

  • Bernie says:

    The unfit uniforms look like the man dresses from the first season of next gen!

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