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Captain’s Log – Feb 24th, 2016

By February 24, 2016 February 25th, 2016 Captain's Log

Fan Stories V2

Another in a continuing series of fan stories about how they came to discover Axanar and what it means to them.

From Brad Cozzens

How did I discover AXANAR? My story is somewhat ironic.

In 2014, I spent the better part of two days hanging out at the AXANAR booth with Alec being what I consider to be their biggest supporter – yet I was completely unaware I was in the presence of Garth of Izar.

I had gone to Salt Lake City Comic Con with my Son Jacob and two of his friends. I try to be the cool dad and I thought Comic Con would be a blast for all involved. On day one of the Con I discovered the AXANAR booth. I watched PRELUDE TO AXANAR and stood there for moments with my jaw on my chest, completely blown away.

I kept thinking “There is no way this is fan made, this is incredible. This is the return to all that Gene envisioned some 50 years ago.”

I spoke with the people at the booth and was like: “How didn’t I know about this and how can I help?” I immediately took it upon myself to spread the word. If you were in a Star Fleet uniform and were at SLC’s Comic Con two years ago, I found you and I pointed you to the AXANAR booth. I kept returning and watching with other fans while awaiting the film festival’s big screen showing.

It was after the showing and as Alec stood up to thank people and answer questions when I figured it out. Here was the nice guy I had been spending so much time with and it had been Alec Peters, Garth of Izar, all along. I was a little embarrassed, but Alec kind of laughed and said that it had been a pleasure because he was pretty sure I didn’t realize who he was and that my excitement had been genuine.

I still look back fondly on that time because I spent it with someone I respect for his genius in the creation of a work of art. I proud to say I am a fan and that I stand with AXANAR!

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