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Captain’s Log – Feb 23rd, 2016

Hello all. Alec here with some news on the lawsuit with Paramount/CBS.
Yesterday, the lawyers at Winston and Strawn, who represent Axanar Productions pro-bono, filed a motion contesting certain aspects of the complaint by Paramount/CBS.
The Hollywood Reporter has already posted the motion and written about it. You can read it all here:
More news soon!

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  • Carlos Alvares says:

    Thanks Alec for this. and thanks to Erin Ranahan, Andrew Jick and Kelly Oki and all at Winston and Strawn for all there hard work. Its not over but there is a ray of light now.

  • Robert says:

    Thank you for the update Alec. I want to see this movie and I hope a settlement/understanding can be reached which satisfies all parties.

  • EJCox says:

    I am pleas to see this. Several valid points. I am encouraged…Thank you Winston & Strawn for a thoughtful articulate argument in Defense..

  • RJ Macready says:

    Forgive me if this is already a known thing. But is there any chance a deal could be reached with Paramount/CBS which allows Axanar to be completed and officially released as part of cannon. Paramount/CBS perhaps helping distribute/market/resources or something and getting a percentage and also allowing the producers/creative team to actually make a profit? Given the obvious quality of the product so far it could easily be sanctioned by the IP owners. Everyone then wins. CBS/Paramount have more Star Trek content for the 50th anniversary year they didn’t plan on, the fan-film gets to be canon.

    Again ignore me if this is obviously a dumb idea that has been addressed previously. Just wondering.
    Can’t wait to see it.

  • Claude says:

    Dear Alec,

    I would like to thank you and Winston & Strawn for the good approach. I would to thank you CBS/Paramount war, are bad for everybody, the copyright
    must be respected, but for everyone and don’t forget that Axanar can be a free introduction for your new series !

  • …yeah, it looks like your lawyers are doing a very good job at procedure 😉

    but, i agree w/ Macready: are you going to try to make a deal at some point, hopefully?
    (u probly can’t tip your hand on this, but still, we’re wondering…) 😉

    obviously, they have a case, regardless of how sloppily or rudely it has been presented…
    i just hope to see you settle quickly, rather than be bogged down in a long fight…

    Good Luck! =)

  • sam says:

    i wonder if someone ever think of making paramount/cbs giving up their so-called copyright to the public by doing something on a political basis… frankly they are doing a crappy job with making star trek movies and now they are stopping people from making a better star trek movie than they do. If it’s just about copyright then i assume it can be dealt with for a price, i bet star trek fans will be more than happy to pay for that price to get a good star trek movie going. if it’s about taking out competition then i’m guessing people should take actions taking out paramount/cbs cuz their actions are inferior and selfish. Been a star trek fans for a long time and the up coming trek movie by jj i aint gonna watch it, for the first time in my life i turned my back on any official star trek flims.

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