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Captain’s Log – December 20th, 2018

By December 21, 2018 Captain's Log

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

JP at Egotastic Fun Time just did a pretty awesome video on the CBS Fan Film Guidelines and Axanar.  Its only 11 1/2 minutes and certainly worth your time!

That’s it, go watch the video!


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  • Neil SLAGLE says:

    CBS, like all corporations, enforces antiquated laws protecting rich people who had nothing to do with Gene Roddenberry’s concepts. Copyright and IP laws are significant drains on the economy and anti-market devices. Why not let the best content win, and let the fans decide?

    Greed is so deeply entrenched in our economic system that we often don’t question these devices; yet, they aren’t laws of nature. Leading specialists in economic history suggest that the current patent structure would have rendered the industrial revolution impossible

    Imagine if every time you added up numbers in a calculator, you had to pay someone? It sounds ridiculous, but it’s worth thinking through.

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