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Captain’s Log – December 19th, 2018

By December 21, 2018 Captain's Log

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I am a huge supporter of dog rescue (Well, any animal rescue to be honest….dogs are just my focus).

Well, recently a friend of mine in rescue saved a beautiful pit bull (which are the most misunderstood dogs in the world…the have been family dogs for a century).  And now that wonderful doggy is going to be trained to serve as a service dog for a veteran with PTSD.  My friend has asked for our help.  Do you know a female vet suffering from PTSD?  If so, please contact me or my friend Christine Poston Klespies on Facebook.

From Christine Poston Klespies on Facebook:

Morticia is with Michele Cairns in Vero Beach, who owns BullyGurlz to be a service dog for a veteran. Michele is actively looking for a female veteran if you know anyone please contact Michele at (772) 626-4385 for the application process.

This training will also be good for Morticia. The same behavioral issues I’ve had with her in foster care was shown towards the trainer today. Michele believes she was taken from her mom too early plus MDAS for 6 months she needs social behavior training. She’s such a happy dog most of the time but obviously turning on your owner would only put her back in MDAS without the proper training. Now Morticia will get help and in return she will help a veteran with PTSD. I will update as Morticia goes through her training. If you don’t know Michele Cairns please look her up! She also training dogs to be buddies with kids that are being bullied.

My favorite part of the day was watching Morticia run and play with the horses. She definitely will excel and loves the 37 acres of land with all the farm animals.

If you want to know more, follow Christine on Facebook, and if you know a vet who can use a PTSD service dog, let us know!


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