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Captain’s Log – Dec 4th-7th, 2015

By December 10, 2015 Captain's Log

Games Workshop corporate HQ

Warning, this post has NOTHING to do with Axanar.

I don’t get much time off these days.  Oh sure, there are trips to conventions and such, and those are fun even though work.  But I never complain, because my job is to make Star Trek for you fans, and how much fun is that? I mean I get to do what I love doing!


Basically we play with army men like when we were boys!

But every once in a while I have to do something for me, and this weekend I flew to London and then took the train up to Nottingham.  Yes, THAT Nottingham.  But no running around forests for me.  I was there to meet some friends and enjoy Warhammer World at the Games Workshop corporate headquarters.  Warhammer world is the biggest miniature gaming venue in the world.  And it is all about Warhammer, which has two versions, Fantasy (think Lord of the Rings) and 40K, which is all Sci Fi.  I play the latter.  And I play it in a big way.  So this is like Mecca.

But first, here is what you get when you buy the flight attendants on your flight to London cupcakes:


Always be nice to flight attendants!

And so here is Warhammer World:


Inside Warhammer World

And a little video of it.

So I met a few of my buddies who I know through my Warhammer forum I run (one of many geekdoms), bought some books, which I collect, and toured the new museum.


Some of the cool dioramas at Warhammer World

Afterwards we all retired to Bugman’s Bar, which is basically a pub (and a really good one as the food is passable!) next to the gaming area.

2015-12-05 17.25.17-2

Drinking at Bugman’s Bar

Heading back I got to go to the Virgin Lounge, which is the best airline lounge ever.  I mean the breakfast was amazing!

2015-12-07 09.35.35

I got home Monday and the good news, was I got a ton of work done on the 11 hour flight home.

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