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Captain’s Log – Dec 18th, 2015

By December 20, 2015 January 3rd, 2016 Captain's Log

Alec, Diana, Elisabeth, Rob, Bill, Sarah, Chris, Mary, Charlie, Carlee post Star Wars: The Force Awakens!


Friday, Dec. 18th, 2015

Well, today was basking in the glow of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  I can say that Team Axanar all loved it.  Sure it wasn’t perfect, but after 3 prequels, it was good to see the originals back in action.

The construction team was out watching it this morning, while Diana held down the fort.  She had Ben Willis, a donor, in helping her with shipping, and Ben got to see some of the finished VFX shots.  Here’s what Ben had to say on a post to the Axanar Fan Group:

I had the privilege of volunteering at Axanar studios today, helping Diana Kingsbury with approximately 0.1% of her duties of perk fulfillment.

While I was there, I had many additional privileges including chatting extensively with Diana, Robert Meyer Burnett, and Alec Peters about the upcoming Axanar feature film and the business of making independent Star Trek.

AND, I just might have happened to see a few things – things I won’t spoil – aside from being so completely blown away by such a fresh approach, things that have never been done in Star Trek before, absolutely EPIC special effects samples, and take it from me fans, your minds will be officially blown when you see the resulting film. This team is poised to knock it out of the park!

This highly professional and dedicated team is motivated and determined to bring us the BEST Star Trek feature film to date. In addition to their professionalism, each and every member of Team Axanar deeply cares about Star Trek and is lovingly bringing this creation to life. As I said to Robert, I’m just helping to hold up the giants so that they can do great things.

I’m going to have good dreams tonight!! I had such an absolute blast and cannot wait to go back. I am so happy and grateful for this opportunity!

LLAP, Team Axanar!!


Meanwhile the new Axanar Podcast is up!



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  • Paul G says:

    Like Harlan Ellison, I was never a fan of the franchise. That being said if it provides support for legitimate endeavours like Axanar so be it.

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