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Captain’s Log – Dec 11th, 2015

By December 12, 2015 Captain's Log


Friday, December 11th, 2015

Prop & Costume fabrication!  Jarrod Hunt has been working away at Klingon props (notably Mekleths) and our art department has been working on costume elements for the Klingon costumes.  Thomas Moore is casting the leg grieves and boot elements that Simon Lissaman designed.  As the Klingon boots made for Star Trek cost about $1,500 per pair, and we want to go in a different (and cheaper) direction, we decided to cast grieves and boot elements to give them a semi-armored look.

Note these are not finals.


First take on the grieve

Plus the Klingons need arm guards!  Again, first take and not final or adorned.


Well, there you go!


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  • Trevor says:

    Nice! Any chance you guys will sell mekleths in the axanar store??

  • …i’m sorry, Cap’n …but no sir, …i don’t like ’em (the greaves / arm guards)

    …with all due respect: the design needs more work (see my previous notes…)

    (they’re not functional enough, or tough enough looking) (i like the “V” shape / accent on the arm guard elbows, but that’s it…)

    they need to be WAY more functional, and WAY more martial / barbarian! …not like some earther p’tach would wear!! 😉

    if you google images of “greaves and braces” you get some pretty inspiring stuff… 😉

    btw: the mek’leth is bad’ass! =)

    • Alec Peters says:

      That is why it says “First take”. It is to show fabrication, not a final result.

      • …yes, but again, with all due respect: perhaps Jarrod Hunt could get a shot at the next pass on the design of the greaves / braces? …as he seems to be the “klingon armorer”?

        that little bust of the klingon with the dreads is pretty bad’ass… who did that?

        my advice: abandon the attempted “long boot” look for actual purpose-built GREAVES, with chunky black army jungle boots and do the same thing with actual martial arm braces

        …and make them look GNARLY! GRRRR!!! FOOT HORNS!!!

        maybe they could be textured like klingon foreheads?? =P

        • Alec Peters says:

          We have an art team who designs the Klingon wear with me. Sorry if you don’t like it, but it is after all, our vision. And Jarrod is a prop fabricator, not a designer.

          The Klingon bust is Kahless.

          • …my apologies if i come off as demanding or unappreciative, that is certainly not my intent. i only wish to offer hopefully positive feedback…

            one last offering: please consider categorizing these items as “equipment”, rather than “apparel”? please? =)

            re: kahless – i thought so… but who sculpted it? if it is by one of your people, please consider having that person also sculpt the greaves / braces? =D

            • Alec Peters says:

              Not at all. All good.

              The Kahless bust is from the original mold from the bust in Worf’s room.

          • Jason Moon says:

            Is it a flawless Kahless? (I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself) 🙂

    • Steve says:

      Always a critic….why don’t you just relax and let these people do their jobs? What part of ‘first take” did you not understand? I think you are on the right track Alec. Keep up the good work.

      • Alec Peters says:

        Oh I am not worried, everyone has an opinion. Fans just need to understand we have very strong opinions ourselves!

      • …i am a fan who cares …why does that need to be stifled? (your rhetorical insult is ignored) 🙂

        thank you Alec, for caring for the fans intellect and passion, as much as their money… 😉

        forgive me (and THANK YOU!) if your blog and this site make me feel as though i am intimately involved in the (hopefully continuing) production of the best star trek ever!! =D

  • Brian Heite says:

    Cool use of exercising all your options to be both effective and efficient. Looks great guys. Ought to look into whether any of your economical techniques could be translated into merchandise for the cosplay crowd.

    • …i like the way you think 😉

      my thoughts: modified/painted downhill mountain gear or riot police gear =)

      there are some really nice (black plastic) segmented spine-protectors also for downhill mtn bike 😉

  • Jason Moon says:

    Am I correct in guessing the boot element in top picture on the far right(next to the vise) is a boot tip with the square hole meant for whatever you intend to use to represent the Klingon foot horn/thing?

  • Duane Bruner says:

    I’m with Herbert on this one but you have plenty of time to get it done the way you want it done. So looking forward to this. Much more than the new Star Wars movie (which I’m gonna love, I hope.)

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