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Captain’s Log – August 28th, 2015

By August 29, 2015 Captain's Log


Central Coast Comic Con! 

We were invited to this con two weeks ago.  They were very cordial and knew about Axanar and so they gave us a 10’x30′ booth at the front of the hall!   WOW!   And all for free.   So we loaded up the cars and headed up for 3 days at the Con.  Richard was here, and so was Adam Howard, our VFX Supervisor.


Day One was BRUTAL.  The heat was 100 degrees all over SoCal and this building has NO A/C!  Can you believe this?  A Comic Con in a non-air-conditioned building!  UGH.  So we set up the basics of our booth but didn’t do the whole thing so we didn’t have to actually man it.  Plus, there were very few people here today.

Even doing that we sweated profusely, so before dinner with Richard and Adam, we went back to shower and change.  This whole area of Ventura county is really nice and mellow.  Not the hustle and bustle of L.A.  We met up at a Chinese Restaurant and suffered through some bad stand-up comedy, which was going on in the bar portion of the restaurant while we ate.  The food was excellent and the drinks cheap, so we were OK with the bad comedy!


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  • Troy Light says:

    No A/C? So the con producers were trying to keep people from coming? I hear Dr. Phil saying, “What were you thinking?” Not smart.

  • ken daly says:

    pardon my ignorance, but has a solid release date been set for “Axanar”?

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