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Captain’s Log – August 21st, 2018

By August 22, 2018 Captain's Log

Monday, August 21st, 2018

Jonathan Lane of Fan Film Factor did an audio interview with JG Hertzler and you can listen here.  JG talks politics, and Axanar.  There is some good insight and it is a good listen.

Now we have a rule here at Axanar that you don’t talk politics with each other!  We all come from many different backgrounds and beliefs and we respect them all (that is Star Trek).  Gary Graham is a hard core conservative, JG Hertzler is a serious progressive, but you know what, they get along great! And I love talking with each of them about politics because we keep it civil.

That being said, JG talks a lot of politics in this interview, and if you don’t want to hear it, jump forward to 36:45 in the interview.

Thanks to Jonathan for this, and you can see JG at Axacon in November! Buy your tickets here.


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