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Captain’s Log – August 10th, 2015

By August 12, 2015 Captain's Log


Leaving Las Vegas

Diana and I left Las Vegas about 11:30 and drove back to L.A., a four hour drive.  It is always easier for us to drive as it is about the same time door to door as flying and we have a car during our stay.  I also happen to like driving.  And on the drive we talked about the future of Axanar fundraising.

We are still talking about George Takei talking about Axanar on stage.  So very excited about that.

But the big news of course was the impending close of the Indiegogo campaign.  So when I got home there was a ton of last minute work to do.  After that, we scheduled a last minute Google Hangout, which had 61 people check it out.  Not a lot, but it was late (11:00pm PST) and rather last minute.

So when the Indiegogo closed, we had raised $ 473,592!  A very good number, which will allow us to make at least the first act, and maybe half the film.  We are budgeting now and will see what this gets us.  Rob is pushing to shoot half the film.

THANK YOU to all of our loyal donors!!!

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  • Darren says:

    Hi. Am I correct in thinking that since the campaign made it’s goal that Indiegogo still allows donations up to 3 weeks past the close of the fundraiser? I’ve noticed the total is still slowly going up and is currently past $477,000. The reason I ask is that I did make one fairly large contribution on this fundraiser but would consider another smaller one if given a few more weeks to do so since this a project I really care about seeing come to fruition. Thank you.

    • Alec Peters says:

      Yes, the Indiegogo is in the “InDemand” mode now, where we keep taking donations. This will not end anytime soon, so feel free to give again.



  • Ronald Blocksom says:

    Watched the Google video with u and Diana. Really enjoyed all of the latest updates, and all the positive feedback u received from fans in Vegas. U guys really looked tired, take care of yourselves. But on another note…was surprised about your thoughts on the Renegades show. Was curious about their project, more pumped on for your projects. Never did donate to theirs, but to hear that they may rushed some scenes, not took the time to plan it out better. Glad u r taking your time to make this a awesome movie for the fans. Take care…

  • Mark Donnelly says:

    Does this mean if we donate now or change our donation we could still get all the perks for that level?

  • Alec Peters says:


  • Daniel Van Hoven says:

    Hi I am somewhat confused. You say the Blu-Ray discs are shipping, yet you hope to film half the movie with this 477,000.00? I definitely want to purchase Axanar on Blu-Ray, How and when can I do this?

    Thanx for the awesome fan films, the sets are awesome in Mr. Cawley’s films on YouTube. Are those available on Blu-Ray?


    • Alec Peters says:

      The Blu-rays are for Prelude to Axanar and the people who donated in our very first Kickstarter.

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