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Captain’s Log – April 3, 2015

By April 3, 2015 Captain's Log

This AM it is off to Wonder Con!  This convention is put on by the people who put on the San Diego Comic Con so it is HUGE.  Not as big as SDCC, but big none the less.  And Axanar will have a booth at the event!  It is really important to keep getting the word out as we approach our next Kickstarter, and build brand awareness.

So come by Booth # 768 and say hi.  We have the new, totally awesome, limited edition (limited to 100) Axanar T-shirt and the new Axanar Con lanyard!

And make sure you check out the Battlestar Galactica panel on Sunday at 12:300 in ROom 300DE with Richard Hatch and me!




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