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Captain’s Log – April 22, 2015

By April 22, 2015 Captain's Log

STV Klingon Bridge

So what are we working on today?  Well, the Klingon bridge!  We have JD, one of our set designers, working on drafting up the Klingon bridge consoles.  We actually have a real Klingon bridge chair which was for display on the Star Trek museum tour (Kharn sat in it in Prelude).  So this will be the beginning of the Klingon bridge sets.  We need both a D-6 and a D-7 bridge.  They will obviously use common components, just differently set up and painted!

And here is a video on how our bridge will be fully movable.  Unlike the fan film bridges around the US, which, while great works of production art, are totally static recreations, our bridge needs to be a functioning movie set in a functioning, multipurpose sound stage.  That means it needs to be able to move anywhere we want it to.  We need to be able to pull different sections out easily so the DP can get his cameras anywhere he and the director want.  So Dean and Curtis devised a way to make sure the pieces locked together so there would be no movement once set up.

I am home sick today as I was yesterday, but that has allowed me to cut my email inbox in half from 130 to 66.  That is actual emails that each need time and effort to respond to.  I don’t count the ones I delete automatically or reply to with one line answers.  There is just so much work to be done with a studio and a production in process.  Oh I love every minute, but it is a ton of work.

Thank you all for your support!


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