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Captain’s Log – April 19, 2015

By April 21, 2015 Captain's Log

Starship Down

So the last day of Star Wars Celebration at the Anaheim Convention Center and I realized that the great crashed Star Destroyer in the Star Wars trailer was reminiscent of a great shot from Starship Exeter: The Tressaurian Intersection, which is probably the second best fan film episode ever (World Enough and Time from Star Trek: New Voyages is clearly the best).


It took Exeter about 8 years to release their episode, but it was worth the wait.  I hope you all will check it out.  The teaser has the above great scene that is pretty cool.  Look familiar?

Meanwhile, Dean Newberry is in upstate New York at the Star Trek: New Voyages studio taking photos, measuring sets and making sure he has everything he needs so when he comes back he can build our bridge to exacting standards.  James Cawley has been incredibly helpful here.  More to share when Dean gets home!


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  • Jim Moyer says:

    Even though WEAT had George Takei I think that ” Mind Sifter ” The latest offering from New Voyages is the best fan film to date. It had a greater depth to the storyline and performances ( also the FXs ) than any previous I’ve seen.

  • Jim Moyer says:

    I will say that after viewing ” Starship Exeter: The Tressaurian Intersection ” I agree it’s a very good addition to the fan films.

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