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Axanar Vignettes to be Shot With Star Trek: New Voyages

By October 1, 2015 October 3rd, 2015 Ares Studios, Axanar Production Notes


(Valencia, CA) – Two major players in the universe of Star Trek fan films announced today that they will be collaborating on a pair of vignettes that form a bridge between the two respective shows. STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES and AXANAR’s producers provided details on their upcoming collaboration to tell the story of Garth of Izar’s rehabilitation following the events of “Whom Gods Destroy” – an episode from season three of the original Star Trek television series produced in 1967. Alec Peters, Executive Producer of AXANAR and James Cawley, the Executive Producer of STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES said the vignettes will explore the original storyline of Garth more deeply.

“The story takes place six months after the USS Enterprise first visited Elba II,” explained Peters. “Captain Kirk and his crew are tasked with bringing the now fully-recovered Fleet Captain Garth back to Star Fleet Command and Earth.”

“We explore the ramifications of what happened on Elba II and before. Garth has no memory of the last ten years, so we want to know how this affects a man like Garth,” Peters continued. “How does Kirk help his hero regain his footing?”

The two vignettes serve as bookends for the ground-breaking Star Trek fan film, AXANAR, which is currently in production and has caught the imagination of Trek fans worldwide.

“These shorter stories are set twenty-three years after AXANAR,” Peters said. “They tie our production in with “Whom Gods Destroy” to give Garth the full resolution he deserves. In order to do that, though, we knew we would need access to sets and a crew from the era of the original series and there are none better than the STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES team.”

“We’re excited to have the AXANAR crew at our studio in our Ticonderoga (New York),” said James Cawley, widely recognized as a leading figure in the world of Star Trek fan films. “AXANAR started here in 2010 when I asked Alec to play Garth of Izar in an episode we were shooting , so we really feel like these are sister projects.” We have great friendship and deep respect for the Axanar Team and we are very excited to finally work together on what will be an amazing follow up to “Whom Gods Destroy”! I am positive that our fellow friends and fans will love this!

Echoing the positive statements from Cawley, Peters continued: “James is the most generous guy in Star Trek fan films. He’s opened his studio to us many times, but for a variety of reasons, we’ve never been able to take him up on his offer.

“So this time, when James called and asked if we wanted to shoot this fall, we jumped at the chance. Putting the NEW VOYAGES TOS-era sets and passionate crew of volunteers together with AXANAR’S award-winning director Robert Meyer Burnett (writer/director of FREE ENTERPRISE) and our director of photography Milton Santiago (PRELUDE TO AXANAR, AXANAR), gives both groups the chance to make something special and show how the fan film community can work together.”

Peters and Cawley reiterated the fact that Star Trek fans want more stories and more content and that by working together, AXANAR and STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES can meet that demand. “Both productions work at a very high level,” continued Peters. “AXANAR has attracted a lot of attention recently and we think it’s important to work with other productions and share the spotlight with the entire fan film community.”

AXANAR begins principal photography on the first half of its feature film in January of 2016.

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STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES is the longest-running, Star Trek original series fan production in the world. Created in 2003 by James Cawley, the show strives to complete the “five-year mission” of the Starship Enterprise, “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” Its celebration of Gene Roddenberry’s legacy has won critical acclaim and numerous accolades, as well as attracting the attention and participation of Star Trek alumni such as George Takei and Walter Koenig, who have returned to reprise their roles on NEW VOYAGES. For more information, visit: www.startreknewvoyages.com.

AXANAR and PRELUDE TO AXANAR are projects produced by AXANAR Productions at ARES Studios in Valencia, CA. Axanar Productions is an independent studio specializing in science fiction entertainment including, but not limited to, film/television production, web content production, books and games. For more information on AXANAR and associated production efforts, visit: www.startrekaxanar.com. To view progress on the AXANAR crowdfunding campaign currently underway on IndieGoGo, please visit: www.savethefederation.com. For downloads of visual assets and other editorial content related to Axanar Productions projects, please visit: www.axanarpr.com.

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  • Michael Hall says:

    Interesting–but I’m not sure how this is going to work continuity-wise, since New Voyages has gone to great lengths to adhere to the ’60s look and tech of TOS, while Mr. Peters has made it clear that AXANAR will favor a much more modern approach to the same material. So how does Garth go from a bridge featuring complex graphics and touchscreen interfaces in 2245 to resin buttons and static screen displays supposedly twenty years later? Or am I missing something?

    • Alec Peters says:

      Yeah you’re missing something. How we do it.

      Ultimately, when you watch TOS you buy into a 50 year old vision of the future that is clearly outdated and low budget. Yet you think it works. It will be no different here.


      • Michael Hall says:

        Mr. Peters,

        Yes, we accept those sets and technology in the context of the era in which TOS was produced. I get that, and at the same time also very much agree with your notion that a feature film shot in 2016 should, while respecting the overall look and style of TOS, reflect the huge advances that have taken place in computer graphics and control interfaces since then. So I guess my question is, if the AXANAR audience shouldn’t be expected to buy resin buttons in a feature film set in 2245, how does Kelvar Garth manage to do it in a direct sequel vignette which takes place in 2270? No disrespect intended–I’m an AXANAR donor and volunteer–but I am genuinely curious about the thinking behind this, particularly because I am so much in agreement with the notion of AXANAR being its own thing in terms of its production design.

        • Alec Peters says:

          Because it isn’t an issue. One must assume that a Starship crew in the 23rd century accepted the anachronistic designs as part of their universe, and thus so does Garth. Look at the difference between TOS and Generations. Yet Kirk accepts that. Because the characters don’t actually think about this stuff.

          • Michael Hall says:

            Sure–except, in the case of TOS and GENERATIONS, the technical progress was in the forward direction, at least. But if it’s just a matter of dramatic license, no problem. I’m not a canonista; I just want great Star Trek. 🙂

  • David Hatch says:

    This is awesome news! I’m super excited! What a great idea and way to collaborate together!

    Will you be shooting in 4:3 as New Voyages likes to do in the more “classic style”, or will you continue the same more modern style you are shooting with Axanar?

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