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Axanar “Detractors” Attack Army Vet

Mike Bawden has taught me to ignore the small group of Axanar “detractors” who endlessly post about how much they hate Axanar and me, spreading lies and slander on a daily basis.  And because they are so ridiculous and immature, it is easy to do so.

But when they go after an Axanar fan who is a US Army vet struggling with PTSD, they cross a line.  I posted about a GoFundMe for an Axanar fan and US Army/Desert Storm vet who suffers from PTSD and lost his job.  What do these ass-hats do?  They attack him as a fake.

These people have no shame, and considering one of them, long time Axanar detractor Nick Minecci, brags about being in the army himself, treating a fellow vet like this is inexcusable.  These people have attacked a vet suffering from PTSD, claimed his fundraisier to help him is fake, and created a conspiracy in their sick minds that we created this all for some yet to be determined reason.

These people are truly disgusting.  They seem to spend all their free time attacking Axanar and anyone who supports the project.  Here is their ridiculous drivel in their little anti-Axanar group…

Ed is a long time Axanar donor. We have all of his email and address information, so we know he is real, and Ed even supplied me with his US Army DD-214 discharge papers as proof:

So Axanar haters, go get a life.  I know you get some sort of sick pleasure out of your childish little pokes and jabs at me, but attacking a man who valiantly served the US in war? That’s inexcusable.

If Axanar donors and fans want to help Ed out , please check out his Gofundme.  Even a couple dollars will help.




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  • Mike Perry says:

    The best thing AP can do is to ignore’m. The more you fire back, the more propaganda these pseudo people think they’re selling…

  • Jason Moon says:

    The line about the cat is what makes this just absolutely unforgivable in my eyes. This ham-handed attack on Alec Peters through this man is just beyond sanity. I don’t care if other vets did not find his post insulting(and THAT’S probably gonna honk off somebody), the fact that Daniel Stone didn’t ask for help BEFORE going on his rant was just reckless. He admits that his computer search skills are very limited, and he should have gotten more corroborative evidence assembled with the help of others before he began shrieking “HISS! UNCLEAN, UNCLEAN!”

    If he had stated his case more calmly and rationally, I’d be willing to listen. If he’s proven right, THEN he he would have been in a better position to go on the warpath. If he’s proven wrong, he has just committed a thoughtless act of cruelty against a man who has done him no ill will and is in a vulnerable emotional state ALL FOR THE SAKE OF SPITTING AT A FAN FILM PRODUCER.

    Disproportionate condemnation and damned sloppy aim.

  • WF says:

    I’ve known Ed personally for 4 years. He is trying to help himself, as one can see if one follows along with his updates on the GoFund Me site. He is actively pursuing the help he knows he needs. Many of his resources were suggested by fellow vets that have responded to his GoFund Me campaign. Thank you for your support, Alec. Ed enjoys being a part of the Axenar family, and is also very grateful for your support.

  • Paul Vitello says:

    It’s obvious that these lowlifes have nothing better to do in their lives. Patty, grotesque, dishonorable, disrespectful, and repulsive are the adjectives I would apply to these individuals who attempt to harass people like Alec or Ed. Despicable. The real irony here is that these people pretend that they are Star Trek fans.

  • Rick Newton says:

    I cannot fathom these individuals. To have, in some manner I haven’t seen explained, gathered so much hate for a project (or person, or because of a person) that they then feel justified in carrying that hatred onto others that do find merit in project can only be explained by a lack of many desirable personality traits and an overabundance of a certain set of really undesirable traits.

    No one can, with ease, say that I’m a positive person, but when it comes to Star Trek related “stuff,” I’m all positive. When an individual, or group, honestly wants to demonstrate their passion for this franchise, I have only good wishes for their success. Even if their results aren’t my “cup of tea” for viewing, I applaud their efforts, their passion and their audience.

    So, to take such a poisonous attitude is something I am unable to rationalize. Perhaps that is my failing, or more likely, it is because the attitude presented is itself irrational.

    The hard parts to this are: do you to ignore their attacks, or do you to rationally respond (sometimes a rational response just doesn’t seem to be sufficient), or (and I suppose this is playing into their “argument”) do you rip a strip off of their hide in hope of some satisfaction.

    I suppose, sooner or later, all responses come about. However, no matter the response the “hard core” follower(s) of the hate-riddled individual/few will never change. All you can hope for is that some of the fringe will peel away when a rational response is given and these “border-line” individuals see more clearly what is transpiring; and then either stand back out of the fray, or (better yet) try to assist with rational arguments within the “negative” group to lessen, if not eliminate, those that are more hard core followers.

  • Jeff Craig says:

    Proof that when it comes to Axahaters, the douche doesn’t fall far from the bag!

  • Scott Voigt says:

    Help is on the way….

  • Ed Williams says:

    Thank you Alec, the support from everyone has been overwhelming.. Much appreciated and I hope PTSD awareness is raised because of this.

  • Sleel says:

    Should launch a defamation and libel suit against them and bankrupt them out of being able to afford net access.

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