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Axanar Christmas Give Away for Those in Need!

By December 20, 2020 December 22nd, 2020 Captain's Log

Axanar is giving out Christmas Gift Boxes for those in need. If you or someone you know is struggling financially and needs Christmas gifts to give out, or you know someone who is struggling who we can help make smile, just go to the Ares Studios Store at:


and pay $9.95 shipping and handling per box and we will ship out an Axanar Christmas box with over $100 in Axanar, Star Trek and geeky goodies that will put a smile on their face.

You have 3 kids and need gifts?  Just order 3 boxes, tell us what they like, and we will try and customize them.

Your friend need gifts for his family?  Just tell us!

(Of course it will help if the recipients are geeks, as everything is Star Trek/Axanar/geek related!)

We will even put in a Christmas card from you if you want, just write us a note in the box at Checkout.

And if you CANNOT afford the $9.95, just email Alec at alec at axanar dot com and he will take care of you!  A number of donors have donated for others shipping!


Want an Axabox Christmas Gift Box for yourself and life is OK (we all should count our blessings), well, it is only $29.95 for a box with over $150 worth of geeky goodness!

Find the Axanar Christmas Gift Boxes here: https://www.aresstudios.net/product-category/give-aways/
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