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Axanar Celebrates Pride Month with a Worthy Cause!

By June 13, 2022 Captain's Log

The new Star Trek shows get a lot of criticism for being too “woke”.  What does that mean?  Some people feel that the new Star Trek spends too much time on LGBTQ characters.  Well, sorry, but we disagree.  Star Trek has ALWAYS been “woke”.  It has always been on the leading edge of social justice and equality for all.  Gene Roddenberry wrote extensively about his feelings about the subject, and episodes like “Let This be Your Last Battlefield” are meant to shed a light on racial injustice.

Personally, the issue seems to be the people who feel uncomfortable with stories about anything other than straight people.  As a cis gendered heterosexual white male, I for one have enjoyed the LGBTQ characters in Discovery.  And talking to my LGBTQ friends, they seem to finally feel represented in Star Trek. And isnt that good?

Well, this is Pride month, the month of celebration of the LGBTQ community.  And to celebrate, we are taking up a worthy cause and asking all Axanar fans to help one of our LGBTQ friends.  Inara Tabir, is the chair of the Board of Directors of Gaaays in Spaaace, and the founder and president of the Multiplanteary Society.  She is also one of the most amazing human beings I know, and you can see our conversation with her on Axanar Confidential # 103.

Inara Tabir divides her time between working to make humanity Multiplanetary and advancing transgender rights.  She co-hosts two popular science shows on IROC Space radio and raises her kids as Trekkies.

Inara is a pioneer and the first transgender woman to transition on an American military base.  She has a fundraiser to help offset the very expensive costs of gender-affirming surgery.  And you can help!  Inara is raising $10,000 and already has $3,669 committed.  Please consider a small donation here.

Pride month is not just a celebration of the LGBTQ community, but a month in which allies like Axanar can help spread the goodwill the community so richly deserves.

We have a special Pride Month video interview with Inara and Dan Deevy of Gaaays in Spaaace coming out this week, so stay tuned to the Axanar YouTube channel!

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  • Chris says:

    I think you are missing the point, Alec. Star Trek fans are very liberal in their thinking and attitudes and would be the first to stand up for a person’s rights. The problem (concern?) is more of a story focus.

    On the Comics Aficionados show this weekend (on the Thinking Critical youtube channel), Gabe Hernandez explained that the issue with LGBTQ stories is that LGBT is a sub-genre of Romance. Star Trek is sci-fi action and drama. So, the core Star Trek audience is interested in stories that focus more on action and drama more and not so much a Romance story as the core theme. This is evident in the popularity of the Star Trek movies in the 1980s. The “even” number movies were more popular than the “odd” number movies; mainly because they were more action oriented (with drama as a subplot).

    As for race, a Star Trek fan can hardly be criticized for being racist, give the wide range of support for the many BIPOC characters and actors that have portrayed them throughout the decades.

    In the end, I will premise the issue with the current stable of Star Trek shows is the poor character development and dystopian feel to them.

    • Alec Peters says:

      1) The entire post is NOT about the current state of Star Trek on TV. The post is about Pride Month.

      2) LGBTQ is not a sub-genre of Romance. Wow, that is the most ignorant thing I have heard lately.

      3) Who is talking racism? Didn’t even mention that. Not sure why you are bringing that up.

      Star Trek is not an action film or TV show. It is science fiction, which delves into the human condition.

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