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Alec Peters Interview on Fan Film Factor

By February 5, 2017 Axanar News, Feature Stories

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  • Edward Cox says:

    Thanks.. Enjoy the holiday and come back refreshed. Next time Take Diana..

  • 1st Ometiklan says:

    Supreme Commander Kharn has gone to Stobokor. How will the Imperial Forces compensate for this loss.
    And what does mean for Axanar? The Gods have called Apollo Home. My condolences to Richard Hatch’s Family

  • Sean says:

    It’s baffling to me the unreasonable and immature responses a lot of donors have about Axanar not being able to keep it’s initial, intended promise of a 90/ 110 minute film because a court has ordered changes be made. Firstly, these changes were forced on production (so stop blaming Axanar Prod and stop accusing them of scam). Secondly, these complainers clearly don’t understand film making process; disruptions happen as a matter of course on ANY type of production, and course corrections/ adjustments must be made.
    The Axanar crew have stated desire/ expectation to fulfill terms of donor campaign as best they can, given the change of plans necessitated by circumstance.
    Deviations from the original plan does not mean a satisfying alternative cannot be created.
    If anything other than a full length feature is considered unacceptable to any donors, then that’s a petty and foolish reason to give up on Axanar; but if that’s what they’re going with, then maybe those few unwilling to compromise and adapt should be allowed a refund (although, by definition, a donation is charity & not a payment; so cannot be refunded).
    Otherwise, why not be patient, rational and open minded adults while they reconfigure?
    Axanar is currently under construction. Please stand by.

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