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Axanar Dog Rescue Fundraiser (and free swag!)

By February 16, 2021 Captain's Log

Help a Friend in Need!

Today we are raising money to get a dog rescue person living in a crappy trailer with her 6 dogs, a good, used trailer, that will keep her safe and warm. Jami has been living in a black mold infested, trailer that has no heat and is falling apart. And now the blizzard in Texas is making her living situation unbearable!

Jami lost her job due to Covid-19 and needs our help! She helps The Incredible Paws dog rescue in San Antonio and is working cleaning houses until she can get a new job. PLEASE DONATE!



Donate whatever you want through the GoFundMe and then go and get your free swag in the Axanar Dog Rescue donations section of the Ares Studios Store.

Patches, posters, blueprints, stickers, magnets and more! And if you have something special you want, just email Alec and he will customize your perks!

Jami and her puppies thank you!

Alec Peters

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